CPCS Test Centre

Construction Plant Competence Scheme requires plant operators to be tested at an approved CPCS test centre

360 Excavator

We have a large site (2 acres) of land in Essex providing excellant facilities to conduct CPCS tests. All plant & equipment used for the CPCS test is of good quality and user friendly in its operation.

When you arrive at the CPCS test centre you will be met and made welcome by our friendly staff.

The CPCS theory test is a face to face verbal test without notes of approximately 70 questions, under CPCS requirements all theory tests are recorded.

We recommend a few hours study on our CPCS test study notes before you take the test, £10.00 per category.


CPCS Theory Tests

All the questions are at the back of the study notes, and all the answers to the questions are written within the text, they also give useful tps on how to pass the practical CPCS test e.g. what to check before starting the machine, the correct way to appraoch climb/descend slopes etc.

CPCS Practical Tests

Most plant testing must be completed at a CPCS Test Centre and the test duration varies from 1 hour to 2¾ hours, you will be allowed 10 minute warm up before you start, the machines we have avaliable for your tests are common place in the industry and should allow exprienced operators the very best opportunity to pass their tests.

Your CPCS tests will be conducted by one of our employed exprienced instructor/testers, not a self employed tester.

If you like some additional pre-test practice and supervision this can be arranged at a reasonable cost, please ask for details.

CPCS tests may be monitored by a CPCS monitor, this is a quality procedure to ensure the CPCS tests are carried out fairly and not to assess the candiate.


Nation Vocational Qualification

In order for you to go from a trained operator CPCS (RED CARD) through to a competent operator CPCS (BLUE CARD) you will need to provide evidence of your practical abilities and experience in the industry you are in. Your practical abilities and experience in the industry you are in. Your practical abilities should be relatively easy to assess and the assessor may be able to complete in 1 machine operation visit, but you will be required to provide additional tangible evidence in your knowledge of site procedures, security, company procedures etc.

Foundation Courses available at our centre

  • CPCS 360° Excavator - 10 Days duration
  • CPCS 180° Excavator - 10 Days duration
  • CPCS Telescopic Handler - 5 Days duration
  • CPCS Counterbalance Forklift - 5 Days duration
  • CPCS Forward Tipping Dumper - 3 Days duration
  • CPCS Ride On Roller - 3 Days duration
  • CPCS Slinger/Signaller - 3 Days duration

All CPCS courses are designed to a provide a sound foundation to operators hoping to gain employment on construction sites.

All CPCS courses are designed to help candiates pass the theory & Practical CPCS test.

Many other CPCS courses and tests are avaliable on request

So what do I need to do first?

Book your Health & Safety Test
0344 994 4488

Contact Industrial Training Services and Book your CPCS theory test.
01268 560400

You can book your CPCS Theory & practical test on the same day, however if you fail your theory test you can not take the practical test and no money can be refunded.

We recommend you pass the theory test before booking the practical test.

Book the CPCS practical test

If successful you will be awarded a Red Trained Plant Operator CPCS Card valid for 2 years.

Red Competence Card

During the two-year period, the individual must achieve a National or Scottish Vocational Qualification (NVQ/SVQ) in Plant Operations for the relevant CPCS category.

Once successfully completed a Blue competence card will be awarded which lasts for 5 years.

Blue Competence Card